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  • How much does it cost?
    The full training program is $1500 CAD. A month-to-month billing option is available with a deposit of $600, and then installments of $600 a month equal to $1800 at the end of your program. Paying in full saves $300 CAD.
  • How old do I have to be to start training?
    If you are between the age of 13-18, we require written parental permission to train. Applications are available for those 18+.
  • Can I train if I have no athletic experience?
    As long as you pass the fitness assessment, absolutely. We have worked with every sort of athletic background.
  • What is the required gear?
    All students should have kneepads, a water bottle and we highly recommend proper footwear with ankle support.
  • Where is the school located?
    The school is located at 9606 60th Ave NW in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Is there lodging available?
    Lodging is not available. Students will be responsibile for their own living arrangements.
  • I've already trained, do you do drop-ins?
    For seasoned wrestlers, we do offer access to the facility on a monthly basis for a small fee. Please contact us for further details!
  • Is parking available?
    Yes, there is plenty of parking outside and surrounding the building.
  • Can my kids attend?
    Yes! Our events are all ages and fun for the whole family!
  • Is there parking?
    Yes, there is a parking lot at Midway Music Hall, as well as street parking.
  • Can I meet the wrestlers?
    Before the show, there is an hour in which you can visit the wrestler's merch tables and say hello, or look at merchandise. Our shows do not have an intermission. Some wrestlers may be available after the show as well.
  • How do I get booked on Top Talent Live Shows?
    If you're interested in appearing on a live event, please email us recent photos and matches to review. Due to the quantity in which we receive, we cannot always guarantee a response but would love to see your work.
  • Is there seating?
    There is VIP stage seating available (around 80 in capacity). There is select floor seating in chairs and stools around the venue as well. If you have an issue seeing, we recommend talking to security, however we do have new elevated staging for you to have sightline no matter where you are!
  • Can I pay with cash?
    At the door and at the merch you can, however the bar is card only.
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