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Top Talent Wrestling in Media

Top Talent Wrestling is all over! Take a look at what where you may have seen us.


Dark Match

Top Talent Wrestling owner, Harlon Abbott made his big screen debut along side Chris Jericho, Steven Ogg, Sara Canning, Ayisha Issa and more in this wrestling horror flick. You may recognize the ring and a few students too! 

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Harlon Abbott and Top Talent Wrestling's ring were in homes and theatres across Alberta for the AGLC drinksense commercial.

Screen Shot 2022-12-31 at 12.01.47 PM.png

Wrestling with the Past

Desperate for answers after the death of his estranged pro-wrestler father, Finn Wilde must step into the ring to reveal his father's past. and his own destiny.

Harlon Abbott and Top Talent's facility were featured in this project.

Watch here

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